History of the band

The story behind the formation of the band is quite interesting as it all started out of sheer luck. Total strangers with an intense love for rock music met at a Nirvana concert and decided to form their own band. Maybe it was the eccentric energy of the performance or the desire to break into mainstream and share ideas with people, but that concert conceptualised their ideas into a band.

Composition of songs

The band includes a vocalist, bassist, drummer and a guitarist. Making music together is a lively experience and one that helps people bond as friends. The process of coming up with songs for the band was totally random. The members got inspiration from their personal lives, matters affecting the society, or common ideas that sparked their creativity. Their aim was to engage and entertain their audience with beautiful rhythm and original sound.

Experience and challenges

The idea of being part of a band always excites strangers when they spot a stage setting, and the band lives it with a mix of fun and frustration. Fun comes from seeing people appreciate music and the frustration from the raging fear of failure. Getting Millennials to enjoy music is a desire the band is yet to fully actualise, even though they’ve been trying to reach that goal since their formation.

For every band, getting requests to perform is always exciting and refreshing, but spending hours in practice sessions, transporting heavy instruments and machinery can be stressful too. Sometimes ending up with a rescheduled event or delayed payment happens, but being friends makes it easier for the band to overcome challenges and all the issues that came across the way since their formation, creating expressive and original musical gorgeousness.