Musical style and influences

Music is a beautiful art form used to connect people and express thoughts and feelings. There are different musical styles used by musician and bands, each with its own listeners and enthusiasts. For centuries, music has brought together people of different cultures under the umbrella of love, freedom and joy. From classical to rock music, each style is unique in creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Musical Style

The band is an alternative rock band with a deep appreciation for progressive rock. In order to create beautiful music it incorporates other styles from other genres like hard rock, classical music, and pop. It takes skill to master all these different styles without losing the identity and soul of the band. Passion and love for music is paramount as it helps to maintain authenticity, social context, and unique sound.

Band Influences

The focus of the band is on social alienation and thought-provoking issues, aiming to connect with people by addressing issues affecting them. Every musician and band have a source of inspiration and the band gets their from two famous bands that managed to bring life to music. Listening to different styles and sounds helps tap our creativity and provoke thinking. It is an essential part of the growth.

Both influences were legendary bands with impeccable talent. Nirvana, the American rock band, is a great inspiration to the work, with their amazing music that remains timeless and impressive. Linkin Park is also a great influence with their ability to use any genre in their songs and make a masterpiece out of it. They were the catalyst to the inception of the band and their passion for the art is admirable.